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Soul Mold
Because I've been getting a lot of questions about my gummy souls, specificly the mold, here's a photo!

soul mold

I used about 2 lb CopyFlex food-safe silicone, a lb of safe-d-clay, and some release-dit for the mold itself. For the prototypes I used a few blocks of sculpey and some aluminum foil.

Food safe silicone can be bought here:

And of course, the recipe for the gummies:

2 pkg. jello flavor of choice
6 pouches. Knor's unflavored gelatin
3/4 c. Energy Drink (I use Bawls for the blue gummies for color)

1. Pour Bawls into mixing bowl.
2. Stir in gelatin+jello, mix until smooth.
3. Let sit in fridge for 30 minutes to kill carbonation.
4. Pour mixture into saucepan, heat on low heat until melted.
5. Pour into molds/shallow pan, let set.
6. If not using a mold, cut set gummy into bite sized bits.

And the finished gummies are here

witchy Photobucket Photobucket


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I love it! I'm adding this to my memories! ^_^

Thanks a lot~
I'll try it out soon ^^

thank you for sharing! these are amazing!

Those are soooo Awesome

Mmm~ I had one of these at Otakon. I can't wait to try it myself!

:o omg I wanna eat a soul so bad x3;;

Oh man feel free to ignore my message on Pixiv, this helps a ton XD

I will possibly have to make these in the future.

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